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Japan Re-Packing Project

For one of our projects involving an overseas client, our team was called to help carry out re-packing services for their shipment of IT parts. Our client’s Japanese supplier had failed to pack according to the required International Air Transport Association (IATA) dangerous goods compliance, for cargo that contained Lithium-Ion Batteries. As a result, their shipment was turned away by the airlines, as Lithium-Ion Batteries were not permitted to be transported by Air.

With our long-term expertise in both the logistics and IT industry, the MCGlobe team promptly arranged for the IT parts to be separated, repacked, and delivered through different transportation modes.

1. Separating the Equipment

After collecting the equipment from the supplier, our experts separated each IT part carefully and proceeded to re-wrap them. Each part was bubble-wrapped to ensure that the cargo would be protected from potential damages during transit.

Here's a Tip:

3 layers of cardboard should be placed around the inner packaging to ensure that the cargo is protected from possible damage.

2. Palletising the Equipment

Each bubble-wrapped equipment will then be palletised or firmly strapped to a pallet. MCGlobe will also help to print and attach the necessary labelling, such as the ones in the images on the right.

The top label, "UN3481" refers to Packing Instruction 967 (PI967) Section II of the IATA Lithium Battery Guidance Document. By providing this label, it indicates that the equipment in that pallet contains lithium-ion batteries.

3. Checking for Approval

As soon as all equipment is wrapped, palletised, and labelled accordingly, photos of the re-packed cargo will be taken and sent to the client for approval (as shown throughout this article).

MCGlobe will only move ahead with the export once our client is satisfied and approves of their re-packed cargo.

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