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Singapore Free Trade Zones

Today, Singapore has a total of nine (9) Free Trade Zones (FTZs) around the island. These FTZs were established to allow for goods or cargo to be stored, handled, manufactured, reconfigured, and re-exported under specific customs regulations, without being subjected to customs duties and taxes.

We have listed down three benefits of trading in Free Trade Zones (FTZs),

1. Re-Packing & Labelling

Should you require the need to re-pack your IT equipment upon arrival at any of the FTZs, for instance, prior to transshipment and without entering customs territory, the MCGlobe team has experts who will be able to carry out re-packing and labelling services for you.

2. Manage Inventory

MCGlobe is not only able to help manage your inventory within any of these FTZs, but the team has extensive contacts which allow us to carry out local distribution services within Southeast Asia.

3. Time-Critical Deliveries

FTZs are especially beneficial for overseas data clients who have spare part maintenance contracts and require their parts to be delivered in a time-critical manner.

For instance, returning IT equipment which was exported from Singapore for repairs under spare part maintenance contracts, shall also be granted GST reliefs for the new parts added.

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