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MCGrowth: The Pandemic Push

As we commemorate the third year of MCGlobe's existence, we share how our beginnings and progress have allowed us to reach the successes and challenges we had and are going to have. Here's our story.


From crafting out a business plan and sourcing trusted partners to complete countless shipments monthly in his Joo Chiat or Denmark office, the situation has been different in a span of three years for Mads, the founder of MCGlobe.

Previously as an Informational Technology (IT) broker in a company distributing data center and networking hardware, Mads’s experience opened him up to multiple obstacles with the transportation processes of IT hardware. When working on major projects where IT hardware equipment needed to be transported to a foreign country, he came across many companies charging their import and clearance services at such high costs. These high prices caused him to lose multiple projects for his former company.

‘I knew back then, that was a good business case to start up MCGlobe,’ Mads expressed.

Incorporated in 2019, MCGlobe was a one-man show; with him spending several months developing logistics processes and sourcing for the most reliable and trusted partners to work with for international freight services - for the main goal of the company to be able to offer the best possible solution in the IT logistics market.

On the journey of starting up the business in the middle of the pandemic, Mads encountered multiple challenges which he was all up for. The biggest challenge yet was during the peak of the pandemic in 2020, when freight rates increased more than 300 to 500%. More resources had to be exhausted to keep the business afloat which led to an enormous negative cash flow for the company. He then realised that he could not continue competing with the bigger logistics companies on volume shipments and instead, shifted his focus to project logistics.

This has allowed him to concentrate, prioritise and work with small businesses like his, with the belief that anyone enquiring MCGlobe’s services gets a solution that the team can stand in for. Centring his attention on project logistics was something he felt great about as it pushed him even further to work on the three important aspects of the industry - quality service, detailed and timely updates, and flexibility.

In the beginning, MCGlobe was solely focused on the complete logistics solution of IT hardware. Today, the company offers additional solutions such as freight forwarding of general cargo, e-commerce, warehousing, re-packing and more data centre solutions such as de-racking, data destruction and import and export of record solutions.

The development of MCGlobe in 2021 translated from a two-person team at a co-working space to acquiring an office on Joo Chiat Road in Singapore and growing a humble team of five persons. On the topic of growth, an MCGlobe entity opened up in Denmark in order to support our hopeful expansion in the European

market in 2022.

When asked what future goals Mads has for the company, he conveyed that, ‘The goal is to be able to offer warehouse and distribution solutions in more countries, to improvise our services and streamline MCGlobe’s import and export package to ensure a consistent process for our clients.’

Starting a business in the middle of the pandemic was a bold yet determining decision for Mads as he has always been interested in the journey and process of building a business from scratch (yes, even the challenges that come with it, he was ready to vanquish them).

In these three years, MCGlobe is proud to have grown and is grateful to the team, partners and clients. The team wants to continue providing the best solutions, hence seeking new knowledge, learning and growing will never stop.


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